Wired or Wireless Headphones: Which is Better?

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Wired or Wireless Headphones: Which is Better?

I often get asked them by my friends and family, so it got me thinking, which is really better? If all of my friends and family members ask themselves this question when they shop for headphones, I bet everybody else does, too.

So what’s the answer to this question? Unfortunately, it isn’t as black and white as we may think. In fact, like so many things in life, the questions of whether wired or wireless headphones are better comes down to several factors and, in the end, the users themselves.

Cable Free

The first thing that scores big points with most users are the lack of cables. You won’t have to be worried about running wire up your shirt or what happens if they get hooked on something while you are doing whatever it is you may be doing. You have full freedom of movement and don’t have to worry about them snagging anything.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is something that is very important when you really think about it. After all, the better quality of sound, the better your music will sound. In the past, wired headphones had this one hands down. Today, in many ways the sound quality is almost equal between wired and wireless headphones. Still, when it comes to the very best of the best, such as studio quality headphones, you won’t find anything that is wireless that can come close to matching the sound quality.

Battery Life

Of course, if you use wired headphones you can listen to your music or movies for as long as your device has power. This isn’t the case with wireless headphones. Periodically, they need to be charged. Today, many of them can last a full day or more on a full charge, but it often depends on the volume you have them while you are using them. The louder they are, the harder they are on the battery.

User Requirements

In most cases, the type of headphone you choose is really up to you. For example, if you are buying a pair of headphones to use while you run or exercise, you may want to choose wireless headphones. That way you don’t have to worry about wires and chances are the batteries won’t die during your workout unless you’re a marathon runner. If you need something for say a studio or maybe you’re a DJ needing a pair for your shows, then you may want higher quality wired speakers that give you really good sound. In the end, choose based on how you plan on using them, not which one seem the coolest or the highest tech.


It can be hard to decide between wireless and wired headphones. In the end, you must ask yourself how important sound quality, cable freedom and battery life are to you. Figure out what you need to use and then make your decision. Don’t just jump on the bandwagon of one or the other simply because they tick off one of your check boxes. Choose the ones that best suit your overall needs. Only then will you be happy with your headphones.

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