Three Reasons to Choose Over the Ear Headphones

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And Three Reasons Not To

Three Reasons to Choose Over the Ear Headphones

There are so many styles of headphones these days it can be tough to know which ones you should choose. One of the more popular style that has been around the longest is, of course, the over the ear headphones. These headphones are larger and completely cover your ear. In the early days of headphones, these were your only choice. Today, however, there are other styles from small ear buds and everything in between.

Choosing the right style of headphones can be tough, but today I figured it would be fun to focus on the over the ear headphones. Let’s look at three reasons why you should choose this type of headphone and three reasons you should not.

Three Reasons You Should Use Over the Ear Headphones

First, let’s look at three reasons why you should use over the ear headphones.

1. Better Sound Quality

The speakers in headphones are small, there’s no secret there. However, the speakers you will find in your over the ear headphones are larger than earbuds and even on ear types of headphones. Also, most high end headphones are made into this type of headphones to cater to the true audiophiles and audio professionals out there. Because of this, the sound quality you will find is usually unmatched when you compare over the ear headphones to other types of headphones. If you want the very best sound quality out of your headphones that you can possibly get, then over the ear headphones are definitely right for you.

2. Improved Noise Cancellation

If you hate hearing noise from the world around you while you are using your headphones, you need a good pair with noise cancellation. These types of headphones will help drown out the noise around you so you can focus on what you are listening to without any interference. There are many different headphones out there that do this, but in my experience none do it better than over the ear headphones. Because these headphones fit completely over your ear, they can do even more to block the sound around you. Once you add noise cancellation on top of that, then you end up with a pair of headphones that allow you to be in your own little world.

3. Great for Professional Use

Because of their superior audio quality, they are great for professional use. Whether you are a DJ or are recording in a studio, over the ear headphones are some of the best options out there for you. They provide a much more accurate and well rounded sound for you so you are sure what you are hearing is precise and accurate. If you are looking for headphones to use in a professional setting, go with what will give you the most accuracy, meaning over the ear is definitely the choice for you.

Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Over the Ear Headphones

Now that you know why you should choose over the ear headphones, let’s look at a few reasons why you shouldn’t choose these.

1. Large and Awkward

Over the ear headphones are designed to fit around your ears, completely covering them. Because of this, they are much larger than other headphone options out there. This makes them sound great, but makes them more difficult to take with you wherever you go. They don’t store well in a bag and they can be unwieldy at best when you try to dig them out to use them.

2. Working Out Not an Option

Because of the headphones’ size, over the ear headphones are not great for working out. Let’s face it, we all love listening to music when we exercise. Unfortunately, these headphones aren’t great for that because of their size. On top of that, because they cover your ears, they will get hot when you try to workout. If you are looking for headphones to work out in, then you best look at other options.

3. Comfort

While in general these headphone tend to be more comfortable than most, some users may not enjoy having their entire ear covered when they are listening to music. This becomes even more prominent if you listen for long periods of time.

Parting Thoughts

Over the ear headphones are great if you are looking for the best audio quality possible, making them perfect for DJ’s and recording studio usage. However, if you are looking for something a bit more portable, then I suggest you take a look at a few other types of headphones.

Which types of headphones do you like? Tell me which ones you prefer and why in the comments below.

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