How to Reduce Cable Noise on Your Headphones

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How to Reduce Cable Noise on Your Headphones

Do you have a problem with cable noise on your headphones? If so, today’s post is tailor made for you. Check out these tips to reduce cable noise on your headphones so you can get the best sound possible out of your favorite pair of headphones.

What Is Cable Noise?

Of course, if you don’t know what cable noise is, you may not even realize it is a problem. Cable noise is basically interference caused by your headphone cables touching clothing or other objects that cause background noise and even static on in your ears. It’s annoying, it can hurt your ears, and it can drastically reduce the sound quality of even the best pair of headphones.

Tips to Reduce Cable Noise

Check out the following tips to help you reduce the cable noise you hear in your ears when you are using your headphones.

Adjust the Cable Configuration

Try changing how the cables run from your ears. For example, if your headphones use a cable down configuration, then try to wear the cable over your ears to reduce the pull of the headphones on your ears.

Change the Cable Cinch

Most headphones come with a cinch to loosen or tighten the Y split where it separates for each channel. If you tighten this cinch, you will reduce the freedom of movement of your cables keeping them from rubbing up against something that could cause cable noise.

Move the Cable Under Your Clothing

If your cable is outside of your clothing and you are walking or running, the cable will bounce around all over the place. This will increase the chances of experiencing cable noise, not to mention the chances of you getting them tangled or hung on something. Instead, run the headphone wires under your clothing. This will restrict their movement, reducing the noise you hear on the lines.

Wear the Cable Behind Your Back

If you are sitting at a desk, the cables could be draped in front of you and even touching things like your keyboard or mouse. Not only is this annoying, but it can easily cause cable noise. Try running the cables around your back to restrict their movement. The added bonus is you will also get them out of your way.

Avoid Other Cables

Do whatever you can to avoid other cables with your headphones. Headphone cables aren’t as heavily shielded as other cables, so they can easily pick up noise from other cables. If you run them in such a way to avoid any other cables around you, your listening experience will improve dramatically.

Upgrade Your Headphones with Thicker Wiring

When all else fails, you may just need to buy a better pair of headphones. Check out our list of the best headphones to find a pair you need. Higher quality headphones will have thicker wires that are more resistant to cable noise, especially when compared to the thin wire options found on many cheaper sets of headphones.

Final Thoughts

Have you experienced a lot of problems with cable noise? If so, have any of these tips help reduce the noise you hear on your headphones? Sound off in the comments below and let me know how well these tips worked for you.

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