How to Stop Your Earbuds from Hurting Your Ears

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How to Stop Your Earbuds from Hurting Your Ears

Earbuds have to be one of the greatest inventions since the first pair of headphones rolled off the assembly line. They are small, lightweight, and today sound better than ever. Combine that with wireless technology and a microphone and you have a set of headphones that can go anywhere and do almost anything. However, if there is one problem with earbuds, it’s the pain they can cause in your ears. Today we look at a few tips to help you stop your earbuds from hurting your ears once and for all.

Change the Earpeace

No two ears are made alike. After all, we are all unique individuals. That being said, there are average ear canal sizes out there. In the early days, earbuds came in one size, and this presented a problem if your ear size didn’t fit into the “most common” range. If your ear canals are smaller, for example, stuffing those earbuds inside your ears will cause pain after a while. There is just no avoiding it. Today, most earbuds (quality ones) come with different size earpieces that you can exchange pretty easily. This allows you to size them for your ears. Make sure they are a good fit and don’t fit too snuggly while still being tight enough where they won’t fall out. This will go a long way toward relieving ear pain when using your earbuds. Still, the brand you have may not fit right for your ear no matter what you do. When this happens, it’s time to go shopping for a different pair.

Turn Down the Volume

Sometimes your ear pain has nothing to do with the size of the earbuds but the volume level you are using. This is more common when you notice a ringing, headache or general ear soreness. Many of us are guilty of listening to our earbuds too loudly. This can damage the fragile inner ear beyond repair and, in extreme cases, even cause hearing loss to varying degrees. If you notice pain after listening to your headphones, but you know they are sized just right, try turning down the volume a little bit. This can reduce the pain and even eliminate it if it is due to a volume issue.

Clean Them Regularly

Earbuds are actually pretty filthy when you think about it. I don’t care how often you clean your ear, as the day wears on our ears get pretty dirty. Now think about an earbud. You stick them into that dirt and grime and then set them down only to do it again the next day and the day after that and the day after that. This dirt and grime can have bacteria and germs on it that can work its way into your ear causing an ear infection. These infections can be quite painful. If you having trouble with ear pain and infections, start by trying to clean your headphones. Remove all the dirt and grime from them and then wipe them with a cloth with rubbing alcohol to kill the germs.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, pain in the ear from earbuds is just caused by using them too much. Our ears can only take so much, even if they are the right size and you don’t have them turned up too loud. From time to time, take a break. You don’t have to listen to music every waking hour of the day. Give your ears a rest from the onslaught of the sound as well as the foreign object you are sticking in them. This will do more to relieve ear pain than anything else.

Parting Thoughts

Are your earbuds hurting your ears? If so, then try these tips. I’m betting that one of these will do the trick for you. In some cases, you may need to incorporate one or more and maybe even all of them to put a stop to the ear pain once and for all. Which of these tips worked for you? Sound off about it in the comments below.

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