Yamaha HPH-MT220

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  • Decent soundstage
  • Brilliant instrument seperation
  • Super flat frequency response


  • May lack some bass
  • Housing vibrates

Bottom Line

The Yamaha HPH-MT220 headphones are definitely one of those slept on headphones that are bordering on perfection. Their housing slightly vibrates when listening to music loudly and they may not have enough bass for some, but they are incredible in every other aspect.

The Yamaha HPH-MT220 studio headphone has received positive reviews for their incredibly flat frequencies and awesome sound reproduction. Their soundstage is said to be decent and not overly large and their instrument separation is said to be brilliant. Some users did point out however that they could have built the housing better, as one can slightly feel the vibration. Another user pointed out that although the low end was really warm and tight, it could have a tad bit more bass. The Yamaha HPH-MT220 is definitely a quality studio headphone set as these are giants in terms of the audio reproduction,making them an excellent choice for sound engineers and casual listeners alike.


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