Sound Intone HD850 kid's headphone

Sound Intone HD850

Positive Reviews
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  • Good overall sound quality
  • Variety of vibrant colors
  • Built in microphone


  • Potential durability issues
  • Could be too small for

Bottom Line

The Sound Intone HD850 headphones are suitable for both adults and kids, but adults with larger heads will find these far too tight and children should watch the volume.

The Sound Intone HD850 kids’ headphones have received positive reviews for their vibrant selection of colors, decent overall sound quality and their built in microphone. They are also suitable for adults, but adults with larger heads will find these tight. Some did also find that there seem to be durability issues with parts breaking after a few months, suggesting they are made quite cheaply. All-in-all, the Sound Intone HD850 kids’ headphones are less suitable for adults who have larger heads, but they do have a range of neat features that some users will find appealing.


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