RIF6 RF43 TV Headset


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  • Good sound
  • Comfortable
  • Reasonable signal range of 100 feet
  • Good battery life of roughly 20 hours


  • Its interference with WIFI signals makes it hard to stream online
  • Audio cuts out during silence and kicks in slightly late when dialogue starts

Bottom Line

The RIF6 RF43 TV headphones seem to interfere quite a bit with WIFI signals, making them less ideal for online streaming, but offer a decent overall sound quality otherwise.

The RIF6 RF43 TV headphone has received positive reviews for its good sound, its solid build quality and its 20 hour battery life. Users also found that the headphones are comfortable and they have a reasonable transmission distance of 100 feet. However, the headset’s transmitter is said to interfere with their router’s WIFI signals, making these useless for online streaming. Some also pointed out that the headsets cut out during silent moments in the audio, kicking back in a split second after the audio has started, sometimes cutting off the first part of words. While the RIF6 RF43 TV headphone does offer good sound, but its potential inability to work with online streaming due to its WIFI interruption is slightly concerning.    



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