Monoprice 108323 headphones

Monoprice 108323

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  • Great price tag
  • Sound quality for price
  • Bass response
  • Durability
  • Decent passive noise cancellation


  • Clamp down hard on larger heads

Bottom Line

While the Monoprice 108323 may be suited to medium size heads or smaller, they are a solid choice for DJs on a lower budget thanks to their good sound quality and passive noise cancelling abilities.

The Monoprice 108323 DJ headphones have received positive reviews for their price and the quality of sound, with many finding it delivers a fairly accurate sound. Users also liked their passive noise cancelling abilities and their solid construction and durability. However, some thought that they can be a bit constricting on the head, finding that they clamp down on more sensitive heads. The Monoprice 108323 DJ headphones are well priced and drive out good audio for their price, but if you have a larger head they may be a bit too tight.

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