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Logitech G230

Positive Reviews
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  • Good sound
  • Comfort
  • Good mic flexibility
  • Mic folds away easily


  • Ears can get warm from earcups
  • Reports of background noise
  • Mic may not be good enough for some

Bottom Line

The Logitech G230 gaming headsets are great entry level headphones. Their overall comfort means they are great for gamers who play for long hours, but the mic, having received mixed reviews, may not be ideal for team chats.

The Logitech G230 gaming headphones are a bestselling headset that have received positive reviews for their overall good sound, offering good bass and treble. The mic is also said to be decent (with some users not so fond of it) and their overall comfort is also a plus for long haul gamers. Users also found the flexibility of the mic nice and the fact that it folded away pretty easily a great feature. Some users did however find that although the comfort was good, the headband was a tad tight at times and the earcups could heat up the ears a tad after a while. One user also pointed out that he did hear some background noise at times.  All-in-all, these are a solid pair of gaming headphones that will deliver all your basic audio needs for gaming.

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