Koss Pro-4AA

Positive Reviews
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  • Good sound isolation
  • Detailed sound across the frequency spectrum
  • Solid build


  • Heavy headphones
  • Expensive replacement cord

Bottom Line

The Koss Pro-4AA studio headphones are tanks. They deliver detailed audio with solid sound isolation.They may be a tad on the heavy side and the coil can be expensive to replace.

The Koss Pro-4AA studio headphones have received positive reviews for their sound isolation and their incredibly well detailed sound. Users found themselves very impressed with the treble reproduction and pointed out that the bass is almost perfect, stating that one can’t get more detailed sound for the price. Users did however find that these were very heavy headphones (1.5 pounds) and that the strap sits quite tightly on those with a cap size of 7 and up. One user also pointed out that the coil is also very expensive to replace. The Koss Pro-4AA are built like a tank and along with their excellent sound reproduction and retro look, are well worth the purchase.


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