JLab Audio JBuddies Kid's Headphones

JLab Audio JBuddies

Positive Reviews
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  • Suitable for noisier areas
  • Appealing design
  • Comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic earpads
  • Good sound


  • Earpads fall off often
  • Could be uncomfortable loud

Bottom Line

The JLab Audio JBuddies kid’s headphones deliver good audio quality, but could be uncomfortably loud and the earpads are known fall off regularly..

The JLab Audio JBuddies headphones for kids have received positive reviews for their great overall sound quality, and their comfortable and good fit for the smaller and more sensitive heads of kids. They are also said to be decent for noisier areas such as planes or car rides. However, some users found that the foam earpads fell off very often (they can be reattached) and that the noise may be slightly too loud for kids. All-in-all, the JLab Audio JBuddies  kids’ headphones are generally quite safe for kids if their volume is properly monitored and the earpads may need to be glued on with non-toxic glue if you don’t want to face the constant irritation of reattaching them.


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