JLab Audio Epic2 in-ear headphone

JLab Audio Epic2

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  • Great bass
  • Great overall sound
  • Comfortable with 8 different ear tips
  • Great Bluetooth range and strong connection


  • Potentially faulty inline controller
  • Durability issues

Bottom Line

The JLab Audio Epic2 in-ear headphones have a solid bass response and overall sound quality, although there do seem to be a few reported issues with the controller, but this may be due a few bad ones being sent out.

The JLab Audio Epic2 in-ear headphone has received positive reviews for its deep and powerful sub bass reproduction and overall awesome sound, its great Bluetooth connection and range and its overall comfort. However, some did find that the mic is too far from one’s mouth, making calls difficult. There were also numerous reports of faults and breakages after a few months, with some also pointing out that the controls sometimes activated randomly, interrupting their listening sessions. The JLab Audio Epics offer awesome sound with a solid low end, but the potential durability issues and overall faultiness of the design could cause a headache for some.

Critic Reviews

  • PCMag July 8, 2016

    The workout-focused JLab Epic2 Bluetooth earphones deliver a bass-forward sound signature in one of the more secure in-ear fits on the market.

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