iFrogz IF-ANE-WAL Animatones kid's headphones

iFrogz IF-ANE-WAL Animatones

Positive Reviews
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  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Maximum volume too low for noisy areas
  • Earpieces too small for underdeveloped ear canals

Bottom Line

The iFrogs IF-ANE-WAL Animatones headphones for kids are durable in-ear headphones that may be slightly too big for smaller ear canals.

The iFrogs IF-ANE-WAL Animatones kids’ in-ear headphones have received positive reviews for their noise limiting aspect for kids’ ears, their light weight design, the cord length which is said to suitable for both kids and adults and their durability. However, some users did find that the smallest earpiece attachments were too small for their kid’s ears and some found that it may be a tad too quiet for noisy car rides or plane trips. The iFrogz IF-ANE-WAL Animatones are decent in-ear headphones for kids, but may be suited for children with slightly bigger ear canals.


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