Fostex TH900 studio headphone

Fostex TH900

Positive Reviews
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  • Full bodied bass
  • Incredibly detailed
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Slightly colored
  • treble may be too sharp

Bottom Line

The Fostex TH900 is a beautiful pair of headphones that delivers an incredible audio experience. The audio is however slightly colored and the treble a tad bright, but this barely factored into the overall experiences of users.

The Fostex TH900 studio headphones received positive reviews for their incredibly detailed sound – a powerful bass that is in no way overwhelming, smooth mids that actually reproduce vocals incredibly well and a treble that is present. They are also said to be incredibly comfortable in terms of design and padding and they really are a sexy pair of cans. Some users did however point out that these were slightly colored, but many users were in no way phased by this. Another review pointed out that the treble is a tad sharp and brighter than some other high end headphones. The Fostex TH900 is, however a beast, regardless of the slight coloration and potentially bright treble, these headphones are bound to make your jaw drop.

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