COULAX QY8 working out and running headphone


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  • Good sound
  • Great bass
  • Comfortable
  • Hands-free function
  • Good Bluetooth range


  • May fall out due to excessive movement
  • Rubber clips may not provide enough stability on ear

Bottom Line

The COULAX QY8 sports in-ear headphones are less ideal for sports and more suited for more casual listeners who aren’t involved in rigorous activities, such as running.

The COULAX QY8 has received positive reviews for its great bass and good overall sound. They are said to have a comfortable fit when one is not moving too much. These are Bluetooth, and their range is said to be awesome, along with their ability to easily pair with your playback device. Users also liked the fact that they are hands-free, enabled by the built-in microphone. There were some complaints from people using them for running, saying that these do fall out of the ears even though they did come with interchangeable earpieces. The little rubber ear clips that go on the ridge of your earlobe do not provide as much stability as most would like, which is also partly why they may fall out during exercise routines that consists of a lot of movement. All-in-all, the COULAX QY8 in-ear headphones offer a great overall sound, but may be less ideal for sports, and more suited for casual listeners around the house or office.


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