AKG-K3003i-in-ear headphones

AKG K3003i

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  • Audio described as clear, detailed and precise
  • Wide soundstage and excellent stereo imaging
  • Nice included carrying case
  • Includes microphone


  • Potential durability issues
  • Pricey

Bottom Line

The AKG 3003i is a pricey headphone with a few flaws, but reproduces audio that is clear, detailed and precise, which will impress most audiophiles.

The AKG K3003i in-ear headphone has received positive reviews for its for its excellent audio, with users defining their audio as clear, detailed and precise. Users also found that their sound stage was excellent along with their stereo image. Some also found that the included leather carrying case a nice addition. However, users found that these were pricey, their build quality seemed average and they were quite uncomfortable for some, with the uncomfortable aspect being attributed to their design according to some users. While the AKG K3003i do deliver awesome audio reproduction, they do still have a few design flaws that can be improved on.

Critic Reviews

  • Cnet February 21, 2015

    Even before you pop the AKG K3003i into your ears you know something's up. The beautifully finished metal earpieces look and feel expensive, so the K3003i is priced like the high-end product that it is.

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