Four Types of Headphone Users People Hate

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Four Types of Headphone Users People Hate

We love our headphones here at HeadphoneNinja, but we are smart enough to recognize that how we use our headphones affects the people around us. Just like anything, you need to use them in a courteous way or you can irritate the people around you. So today, I thought it would be fun (and helpful) to highlight four different types of headphone users that people hate to deal with. Whatever you do, don’t become one of these people when you use your headphones.

1. The Audio Blaster

First on our list is the Audio Blaster. You know the type I mean. You are sitting next to someone listening to their headphones so loudly you can hear every note and every lyric to their favorite song. After a few minutes, you probably wonder how their hearing could possibly survive such a loud onslaught of music. If this sounds like you, turn it down a little bit, especially if you are in public in a quiet environment. The people around you will thank you.

2. The Singer

No, you don’t sound like Beyonce. Just because your headphones are on and blasting your music, doesn’t mean that your voice doesn’t carry. If you are in public, why on earth do you insist on belting out the lyrics full volume in your tone deaf voice? I get it. You love your music and you just can’t help but sing along. But, if you are somewhere that demands quiet, why do you think it’s okay to disturb everyone around you? It’s not so shut your mouth.

3. The Loud Talker

Just because you can’t hear what you are saying doesn’t mean the whole world around you can’t. This type always annoys and cracks me up at the same time. You sit there listening to your headphones jamming out to your favorite tune until you are asked a question. Instead of pausing it or at least taking off your headphones, you decide that it’s better to shout your response back letting everyone within a five-mile radius know what you are saying. Remember, we can hear you find, there is no need to shout.

4. The Oblivious

Now this one probably annoys me the most. Of course, I understand what it’s like to put your headphones on and then get lost in your own little world. I do it, too. But, I don’t do it when I have to move around or interact with people around me. You know what I mean. You see someone jamming out on their headphones not paying attention to anyone or anything around them. They walk in front of people, in front of cars, and more. After all, everyone should stop for them as they are doing important stuff listening to their music. I don’t care how much you love the song playing, pay attention to what is going on around you!


As you can see, even though you are using headphones, you can easily drive the people around you nuts. Don’t be one of those users. We love our headphones, heck I couldn’t live without mine. But remember to use them responsibly and don’t ever think that just because you have them on, no one else can hear you.

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