Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Apple Earbuds

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Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Apple Earbuds

While Apple may have converted over to wireless headphones for many of their devices, you can still buy the Apple Ear Buds for older devices and they even sell adapters to use them with their newer devices. But, that doesn’t mean you should buy them. Apple is not a headphone company, and it shows. While they work, you can find better headphones for a much better price. But let’s look at why you shouldn’t consider the Apple Earbuds for your next headphone purchase.

1. They Break Easily

If there is one thing that everyone can really complain about, it is the build quality of these speakers. Sure, they look great, but they just don’t hold up very well. One slight pull on them and you could break them. The connectors are not reinforced, and the plastic design isn’t very rugged at all. If you drop them, you may have to say goodbye. If the connection gets pulled, you could break the delicate wires and render them completely useless.

2. Poor Fit

High quality earbuds come with different ear pieces for a variety of ear sizes. In true Apple fashion, they have decided what size your ear should be. They come in one size and that size fits, well, nobody that I have ever known well. The end result is that they fall out of your ears when you are using them or they begin to hurt your ear because they are just too big. If you have big ears, forget about it.

3. They Leak Sound

To be fair, this is a problem with many different ear buds, but it is even more prominent in the most recent versions of the Apple Ear Buds. These ear buds leak a lot of sound. That means on quiet rides with other commuters they will be able to hear what you are listening to. If you are in a quiet location, chances are you will disturb those around you. So, if you want to make others around you mad, stick with your Apple Earbuds.

4. They’re Expensive

Sure, they may seem affordable at face value. But you have to remember what you are actually purchasing. For the most part, Apple’s earbuds are about 10 to 15% higher when compared to the prices of earbuds that are of similar quality and features. If you are going to pay the Apple tax, then why not take that money and put it to an even better pair of earbuds?

Final Thoughts

Look, I’m not saying they are all bad. In fact, they are decent headphones. But they are by no means the best out there. If you have a pair that came with your iPhone or iPod, then by all means use them. However, if you are in the market for new earbuds, I do believe you will be happier if you choose a different pair other than the ones made by Apple.

What do you think? Do you love your Apple earbuds and think I’m crazy or do you agree with my position? Sound off in the comments below.

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