Five Tips for Proper Headphone Care

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Five Tips for Proper Headphone Care

Most of us don’t think about headphone care. We buy headphones, use them and then wonder why they don’t last us very long. Below I have highlighted five tips for proper headphone care that will help you make your headphones last a long time.

Tip 1: Storing Your Headphones

If possible, you should try to find a good quality, hard case to store your headphones. The hard shell will protect your headphones when they are in your bag being transported so they don’t get knocked around or bent. Yes, this will mean they take up more space, but you will be thankful they did if your bag takes a fall or if you rely on your headphones.

Tip 2: Proper Cable Care

Many people allow their cables to become a tangled mess of spaghetti on their headphones or they wrap them tightly around their headphones to prevent this mess. Both of these options are the wrong things to do. You should wrap them into a ring loosely then use a cable tie or a twist tie to keep them from becoming unraveled. This will keep the cables from becoming tangled and also protect them from being stretched and broken which could result in a short.

Tip 3: Regular Cleaning

After every use, you should give your headphones a wipe down to remove any crud from your ear or dirt from whatever you happened to be doing. For this cleaning, you can use a dry, lint-free cloth or just the end of your shirt. Once a month or so, depending on your usage, you should give them a bath with a moist cloth with soap or maybe even a cloth with alcohol on it. Just make sure you allow them to dry completely before you use them.

Tip 4: Replace Parts

No matter how good your headphones are, the very nature of how you use them will lead to parts wearing out or even breaking. If that happens, don’t just live with it. Most high-quality headphones have replacement parts you can buy. You can pick them up at a fraction of the cost of new headphones and you can make sure nothing else goes wrong with your existing pair while extending the life of them. Overall, you will save money this way and your headphones will last much longer compared to just letting them broken part go and living with it.

Tip 5: Buy Quality Headphones

This isn’t so much a care tip, but it does impact how well your headphones will hold up. Cheap headphones are made with cheap parts. Ever hear you get what you pay for? You will have a much easier time caring for your headphones and finding replacement parts for them if you buy a high-quality pair of headphones. So don’t cheap out. Get something that will last.


It’s not hard to take care of headphones, and with just a few minutes of your time when you use them, you can make sure your headphones will last you for years to come. How long have your headphones lasted you? Do you take proper care of them? Tell me about your experience in the comments below.

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