Five Benefits of Wired Headphones

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Five Benefits of Wired Headphones

There is no doubt that we live in a wireless world, and companies everywhere are really focusing on their wireless products including wireless headphones. However, that doesn’t mean that a good quality set of wired headphones don’t still have their place in your technology collection. In fact, there are many benefits of wired headphones. Today, let’s look at some of these benefits so you can see why you may want to stick with a wired headphone over a wireless set for your next pair of headphones.

1. Audio Quality

The first major benefit, and maybe the most important one on this entire list, is the audio quality. Wireless headphones just haven’t quite reached the quality of a good set of wired headphones. They are getting better, but even today they don’t quite stack up. If you need the very best audio quality out of your headphones, then you will want a high quality pair of wired headphones. The audio quality just can’t be beat.

2. No Batteries or Chargers Needed

Wireless headphones use a battery to pull the necessary power they need to drive the audio that you are listening to while you are roaming around. Wired headphones, on the other hand, pull the power they need from your device over the audio cable. That means that you won’t need any batteries or chargers to use your headphones. If you use your headphones over longer stretches of time, then you will want a good set of wired headphones. Otherwise, you will find yourself without headphones as the batteries die on you.

3. Compatibility

The most recent iPhones aside, wired headphones offer you the most compatibility for your money. Whether you are plugging them into your computer, your phone, your stereo, or even an MP3 player, there’s a good chance your headphones will work. Wireless headphones, on the other hand, require Bluetooth connectivity in order to work. That means they won’t work with all your devices. Assuming you want to use your headphones with multiple devices, you will have a better shot at connecting them if you use wired headphones.

4. Price

If there is one thing that will give you sticker shock, it’s the price of wireless headphones. Some of them, such as the Apple Earpods, cost hundreds of dollars. While you can find wired headphones in this same price range, comparable headphones that are wired are often much cheaper than their wireless counterparts.

5. Portability

While wireless headphones do have the portability market cornered, most wired headphones are pretty darn portable as well. After all, they are basically the same size as their wireless counterparts, only they have a cable attached. In the end, they are every bit as portable as wireless headphones, so don’t let the cable make you think you can’t take them with you wherever you go.

Parting Thoughts

While the world may be going wireless, wired headphones still have a place in the technology world in which we live. In many cases, they are the best option for you based on what you are doing and how you use them. So don’t discount them. In the end, they could actually be a much better fit for you than even the best and most expensive pair of wireless headphones.

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