Are the Apple Earpods Really That Good?

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Are the Apple Earpods Really That Good?

Thanks to the dominance of Apple in both the smartphone and mp3 player markets, their Earpods can be seen everywhere. Heck it is hard not to turn around and see someone using a pair these days it seems. But how good are they really? Do they stack up to the third party options out there?

Sure, the company has refreshed the design over the years and even made huge improvements to their sound and feel, but is it enough to really make these the pair to own?

First, the design of these EarPods are top notch, there is no denying that at all. They look great and are very comfortable to wear even for long periods of time, which is important in a pair of earbuds that fit inside your ear. However, while they may look great, they are white. We know that Apple loves white. But it doesn’t take much for these Earpods to start to look dirty and, well, gross.

Outside of their look and feel, do they sound good? That really depends on who is listening. If you are a casual listener just looking for a good pair of earbuds to listen to music while you work out or travel, then these will do the trick. They won’t cancel out a whole lot of the surrounding noise, however. But for a standard pair of earbuds, they are actually one of the best in their class.

Of course, if you are a serious music listener or you need earbuds for sound editing and design, you are going to want to look elsewhere at other options. While these earbuds do a great job with the lows and mids, they just can’t hold up to a more professional pair of headphones. Some frequencies just get lost in the small speakers and when you add to that the fact that you can hear almost everything going on around you, you really do lose a lot of the richness of high quality music when you use their earbuds.

Apple’s standard pair of earbuds also include an inline remote and a mic, as they are designed, of course, to work with their iPhone. The inline remote is decent keeping your hands away from your phone when you adjust the volume, and the mic does transmit your voice pretty clearly. In fact, they do a great job if all you need them to do is talk on the phone.

If you are looking for a standard pair of earbuds that work great but don’t really include anything too fancy, then these are the pair for you. If you own an Apple device of any kind they will really work well for you, too. However, if you are addicted to sound quality or need them because sound if your work and life, you will want to only keep these around as a backup when your good pair goes south.

Personally, I use these earbuds all the time, but I’m not a sound engineer. If I needed them for anything else other than casual listening and talking on the phone, I would definitely invest in a high quality headset of some sort. What do you think? Do you like these earbuds or do you think they just aren’t worth it in the grand scheme of things? Let me know in the comments below.

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